About us

Welcome to Liquid ICT

Meet Our Founder

I’m Clifford Fountain, the visionary behind Liquid ICT. With a diverse career spanning multiple industries, my style harmonizes firm direction with a personalized approach, nurturing ground-breaking tech solutions.

Unveiling Expertise
My journey began as a developer at a tech studio, immersing myself in Programming, Databases, SEO, and client-focused solutions. Evolving into full-stack software engineering and security further enriched my skill set.

Professional Journey
My career path boasts significant contributions to various organizations, encompassing roles from Software Engineer and Network Administrator to Infrastructure Engineer.

Achievements & Milestones

Digital Transformation Catalyst: Guided transitions from traditional paper-based systems to electronic data interchange, streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency despite initial resistance.
Technological Innovation: Orchestrated pivotal initiatives, including infrastructure design, CI/CD implementation, and fortifying security frameworks compliant with ISO standards.

Our Vision
Liquid ICT commits to tailoring state-of-the-art technological solutions to diverse client needs. Proficient in various programming languages, infrastructure development, and stringent security protocols, we strive for excellence in every project.

What Sets Us Apart
Liquid ICT embodies decades of hands-on experience, a dedication to innovation, and a relentless focus on surpassing client expectations. Our mission is to forge enduring partnerships, leveraging technology to drive business growth, and continually adapting to dynamic digital landscapes.

Thank you for considering Liquid ICT for your technological requirements. Let’s embark on a journey of innovation and success together.