About Liquid ICT

We have an extensive IT background in Hardware and Software support/installation, Cisco Training, Networks, System Security and ICT Functional Skills to name but a few as well as vast experience in website development, Search Engine Optimisation and client server networks.

Websites as you know come and go, some withstanding the test of time, others looking very dated very quickly. We will future proof your new website to maintain its unique appeal and keep customers returning and maintaining your sales.

We also operate a get it right first time policy, with the client involved at every stage. This can actually save you money because minor changes can be incorporated into the coding rather than producing a huge undertaking at the end delaying publishing your new site and forcing extra payments for major changes. Our in-house control ensures the best possible marriage between design and coding. Application development- we are capable of producing applications on all platforms such as TomTom Webfleet (3rd party integration), gaming clients eg, Voobly.